Let’s talk about….me?

Hello, My name is Trisha and I am a messy, flawed, and often stubborn, 21 year old college student. My 20 years on earth have been anything but “perfect” and “normal”, but honestly, can anyone say their years on earth have been? If you think yours have, please tell me the secret to this “perfect” and “normal” life. But seriously, words like “perfect” and “normal” are impractical, at least by definition.

“Being entirely without fault or defect: Flawless” (“perfect.” Merriam-Webster.com). But are humans not without faults and defects by nature? Its impossible, at least from my own experience, to live a life without having made one single mistake or fault, whether intentionally or not. I could fill a book with all the mistakes I’ve made and the ways in which I wish I’d have reacted instead. But, does that make me imperfect? Not if we change the definition. Perfect IS about being flawed, but using those flaws in a beautiful way. Being perfect, in my opinion (whether you agree or not), is about making mistakes and being messy and even sometimes feeling regret. But, its also about embracing those mistakes and regrets, learning from them and growing with them.

Don’t be mistaken, I am still far from excepting my flaws and messiness. But, I’m trying, and that is what matters.

Maybe we can talk about how much I dislike the word “normal” some other time (I have a lot of thoughts on that). For now, I just want to say hi and welcome. You are valid, worthy, awesome, beautiful, and even perfect, just as you are, in this moment. I hope you are having a good day.

Stay tuned for more thoughts, if you’d like.


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